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Middle East Electricity 2024 Dubai UAE

The International fair for energy industry in Dubai
Date:14 – 16 June 2024
  • MEE Live Event Organization: MEE Live will be meticulously organized in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standard. Informa, a global leader in event management, has implemented a comprehensive set of advanced measures to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and safety at its events. This commitment provides all participants with the confidence that they are taking part in a secure and well-managed environment.

  • Timeline of Events: MEE 2024 will feature a hybrid format, combining online and in-person components. The event schedule includes a wide array of activities and sessions, offering insights into the latest developments in the industry, market outlooks, and post-Covid-19 forecasts.

  • Middle East Energy Hybrid Model: With a rich history of inspiring and facilitating the growth of infrastructure, real estate, and trade in the region for over four decades, the Middle East Energy event is introducing a dynamic new hybrid model. This model encompasses four focused online market months, featuring networking opportunities and conferences, culminating in the flagship live event held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It promises to provide enhanced networking opportunities and more streamlined communication channels than ever before.

  • New Product Zones and Sectors: MEE 2024 will showcase various new product zones and industry sectors, allowing attendees to explore the latest innovations and trends in the energy sector.

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