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Humanitarian Aid & Development 2024 Dubai UAE

The Largest Humanitarian Aid and Development Event
Date:15 – 17 March 2024
Venue:Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre ,UAE

Dubai’s International Humanitarian City (IHC) stands as the world’s largest humanitarian hub, uniting a diverse range of members. Its pivotal role in efficiently coordinating initial responses to global crises cannot be overstated. Situated strategically, IHC’s location allows for rapid assistance to reach every corner of the world.

Dubai is a global leader in providing diplomatic support, with a unique capacity for humanitarian aid. The International Humanitarian City, positioned at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia, boasts efficient infrastructure for delivering swift emergency responses to the world’s most critical crisis areas.

Dubai is committed to facilitating international aid and development by offering crucial logistical support, supplies, facilities, and services tailored to the specific needs of humanitarian organizations. This dedicated environment is known as the International Humanitarian City (IHC).

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