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Exproglobal company in Shanghai is an official Exhibition stand builder. They have experience building and installing exhibition stands for various companies in the pharmaceutical industry. This exhibition stand builders in Shanghai also helped build the Russian pavilion, which was a landmark architectural structure. It featured 12 towers, a central building that was 15 meters high and set a record for daily visitors. They also offer a variety of additional items, including lighting and audio equipment.

The Exproglobal Company Exhibition Stands Builders in China are a great choice for international trade fairs. They have a wide network and a diverse financial portfolio. Since they have been in business for over thirty years, Exproglobal has served the country’s “going global” strategy and the “Belt and Road Initiative.” In 2016 they organized a series of publicity events, “Investing in China,” to highlight China’s economic achievements, boost intergovernmental cooperation and encourage Chinese companies to “go global.”


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The Exproglobal COMPANY Exhibition stand contractors in China have over ten years of experience in this industry. They have completed many projects for the pharmaceutical industry, including the building of a Russian Pavilion with twelve towers and a central fifteen-metre building. These contractors have excellent workmanship and experience in international exhibitions. They will be able to design a custom stand that suits your business needs.

TheExproglobal exhibition stand in Bulgaria was attended by 23 companies from Bulgaria. They were able to promote their institution by handing out information materials about the Bulgarian Dental Association and the Balkan Fair and Exhibitions. This is the second Exproglobal stand at this event. The Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Valeri Tsekov, opened the event.

Exhibition Stand Contractors - Finished Stand at Trade Show.

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For any type of exhibition stand, you can depend on the services of Exproglobal company Exhibition stand contractors in China. They have worked on countless pharmaceutical exhibitions and have extensive experience building exhibition stands and installing them. In fact, they built and installed the Russian pavilion, which featured 12 towers and a 15-metre-tall central building. As part of the Expo 2010 theme, the Russian Pavilion broke records for daily visitors.

In recent years, China has become one of the leading exhibition and trade show cities in the world. Exproglobal company exhibition stand contractors in China have established in-house printing and manufacturing facilities and ensure timely delivery of your exhibition stands. To ensure quality, they have the experience to provide the highest-quality exhibition stands and exhibits to any trade show in the world. We look forward to continuing to partner with you and building a strong and lasting relationship in China.

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As the official Exhibition stand contractors in Shanghai, Exproglobal offers the finest quality of workmanship. Its skilled staff has experience working with international exhibitions and has built stands for numerous companies. They are able to create a custom-designed stand that meets the needs of any business. Whether you’re planning a small booth or a complex, elaborate exhibit, Exproglobal can help.

Exproglobal Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the company to work together in the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. This MOU reflects the parties’ commitment to further develop their relationship. It corresponds to a strategic cooperation agreement signed in September 2017.


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The Exproglobal COMPANY is an official exhibition stand builder in Shanghai. Since its establishment in 2004, it has completed countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry, including many major trade shows and exhibitions. The company has extensive experience building and installing exhibition stands, including a recently completed project for the Russian Pavilion. The Russian Pavilion, with its towers and central 15-metre building, set the daily visitor’s record.

In September 2017, Exproglobal and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal signed a memorandum of understanding, committing to work closely on shipments of time and temperature-sensitive goods. The agreement will complement the strategic cooperation agreement the two companies signed in September 2017

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If you’re looking for a company that builds impressive exhibition stands in Shanghai, look no further than Stands Bay Company. Established in 2008, the Shanghai-based company has been responsible for countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry. With the help of local staff and its own in-house manufacturing and printing facilities, the company’s Shanghai team ensures timely delivery of exhibits. Read on to learn more about the services offered by Exproglobal Company in Shanghai.

In 2006, Exproglobal organized the participation of 23 Bulgarian and Croatian companies. The exhibition area was six square meters. The participating companies demonstrated equipment and services including X-ray systems, modern acoustic prosthesis, and cell cultures used in microbiology and virology. The Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Valeri Tsekov, opened the event.

Exhibition Stand Contractors - Finished Stand at Trade Show.