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We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

The development of a booth for your company is not a simple task – most likely you have decided not only to hire workers involved in construction and design of such structures, but also to apply professional assistance. It is one of the hallmarks of Exproglobal in India as an exhibition stand builder and a booth builder. Our company deals with building bespoke modular units as per customer requirements. In your case, we carefully adhere to your specific instructions and make use of state-of-the-art innovations to manufacture a perfectly tailored showcasing your brand.

Either way, in-house design, or hiring an independent designer, our team of experienced exhibition stand builders will ensure a congruence between your vision and what you get. It will be our pleasure to supply durable stands that suit all your design specifications yet bring you an impressive return for your money. We are just in time to assist you with critical tips to ensure maximum returns on your resources for that exhibition. Together we shall work on an outstanding exhibition presence that captures your target audience and realizes your goals as a company.


Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

Enhance your booth with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment. We offer a wide range of AV solutions for rent, from interactive displays to sound systems, to elevate your visitor experience.

Booth Rental

For a flexible and cost-effective option, consider our booth rental services. Choose from a range of professionally designed rental booths to suit your needs, and enjoy a hassle-free exhibition experience.

Custom Booth Design

Elevate your brand presence with our custom booth solutions. We design and build tailor-made exhibition booths that align perfectly with your brand identity, ensuring a unique and engaging showcase at every event.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Our custom trade show exhibits are designed to leave a lasting impression. From concept to creation, we craft stunning and innovative displays that captivate your audience and set you apart from the competition.

Trade Show Graphics Printing

Our graphic printing services ensure your branding and messaging shine. From banners to signage, we provide high-quality, eye-catching graphics that make your booth stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Trade Show Project Management

Let us handle the complexities of trade show logistics. Our experienced project management team ensures seamless execution, from planning and setup to on-site coordination, leaving you to focus on your business.

Trade Show 3D Rendering

Experience your booth before it’s built with our 3D rendering and concept development services. Visualize your exhibition space and make informed decisions to create a captivating booth design.

Trade Show Storage

With our secure storage facilities, you can store your exhibition assets safely between events. It’s a convenient solution that ensures your booth and materials are in top condition for every show.

Our Exhibition Stand Design Portfolio In INDIA


We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

Auto Expo: Regarding Auto Expo’s grand stage, Exproglobal is a leader in making exhibition stands fitting with the latest models and innovative designs. The cars we feature can be seen from our stands, creating unforgettable experiences for car lovers.

India International Trade Fair (IITF): While at the India International Trade Fair, Exproglobal is a stand builder exhibiting knowledge of varied corporate world dynamics. Our stands reflect their sectors in technology and textiles, all the way to handicrafts that contribute to the big turnout at this giant trade show.

Pragati Maidan Exhibitions: There is a range of exhibits held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, covering technology, lifestyle, and business. As one of the major players in the world, Exproglobal knows how to construct its stands that look harmonious with any topics of these events and create a beautiful frame for various brand appearances.

Gifts World Expo: It is creative regarding estates, stationery, and promotions; therefore, it is called Gifts World Expo. Exproglobal comes through rising to the occasion by setting up visually appealing displays, thus increasing exhibitors’ attention.

IT and Technology Expos: Exproglobal maintains its leadership in an ever-dynamic field of IT and technology. We display the latest innovations at technology exhibitions in a genuinely fashionable manner so that our customers witness the modern character of the market.

Food and Hospitality Trade Shows: Food and hospitality trade shows present their clients’ culinary and hospitality visions thanks to xproglobal. We use our stands for product/service display, creating a warm environment where customers communicate.

Pharma Expos: Exproglobal’s stands at Pharma expos are specially tailored, down to details. The need for attractively communicating complicated facts is vital in drug and healthcare shows that contribute to its achievement of success.

Textile and Apparel Fairs: The exhibits at the textile and apparel fairs highlight the most recent developments available to Exproglobal. In addition, our designs allow brands to present their fabrics with fashion apparel in various exciting ways, thus attracting more customers, both in the local market and outside it.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Expos: Sustainability is part of our vision; thus, we can be your best partners in renewable energy and sustainability exhibitions. Our stands echo the themes of such exhibitions as we advocate for environmental conservation and green technology.

Real Estate Expos: Exproglobal is a leader in developing stands for real-estate expos, which present properties, construction materials, and related amenities. These events are generally accompanied by our design, making it possible for our real estate business partners to be seen and heard as they increase the atmosphere.

Exproglobal: The Spaces are Transformed by Exhibition Stands where innovation meets impact. Let’s work together to bring the best memories home as we lead the pack in trade shows and events.


YAY! We are Here To Help!

Let Exproglobal be your partner as you elevate your exhibition experience for superior results. We selected Exproglobal because of our continued quest to excel and proven success in making exceptional stands at exhibitions in India. Here’s why you should make us your preferred partner:

Expertise in Diverse Industries: As expert exhibition stand builders and contractors, Exproglobal knows the intricacies of different industries, ensuring that our exhibition stands will not be mere structures but accurate representations of your brand, whether you specialize in automotive, technology, hospitality, or real estate business.

Tailored Solutions: Our services are built around your specific needs and how they support your overall plan. Working with you, our booth builders and stand designers strive to create booths that display your character.

Cutting-edge Technology: Embracing new technologies is the only strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Exproglobal uses modern technology to design and build a stand to attract and interact with visitors efficiently.

Proven Track Record: With a long-standing background of completed projects, the exhibition stand contractors’ reputation is high with Exproglobal. We also have products that have surpassed customers’ expectations, resulting in the successful hosting of exhibitions in other regions of India.

Attention to Detail: We know each component matters. We plan every detail of your exhibition stand with exceptional care in design, construction, and logistics so no aspect can be spared.

Return on Investment (ROI): We understand the need for an impressive yield from our exhibition budget. Besides catching attention, Exproglobal helps realize practical achievements, which makes participation in exhibitions valuable.

If you are contemplating holding an exhibition in India, go for Exproglobal, trusted exhibition stand builders, contractors, booth builders, and stand designers. Join hands with us in giving a solid brand representation for the expo shows. The goal is to convert ideas into breathtaking stand designs, which impact visitors even long after leaving the event area.


How do We Work Together

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Idea Exchange

We listen to your ideas and understand your needs.

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3D Design

We make your ideas true in 3D visuals.

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One Platform for all the process and designs.

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Stands transportation facility and national delivery

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Build & Install

We build your stands at the committed time and ensure smooth opening.

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On-Site Management

Our pro technicians supervise all the on-site management.

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Dismantle & Storage

Efficient exhibition-show clean-up and stock management.


YAY! We are Here To Help!

Exhibition stand builders in india

Exproglobal, the leading booth builders, booth contractors, and stand designers from India, welcome you. We specialize in creating unique and eye-catching booth designs for showcasing your brand’s identity during trade shows. We provide end-to-end services as dedicated booth contractors, starting with design conceptualization, passing through the fabrication of our products, and finally installing them until they reach perfection. Exproglobal has established itself with successful projects and a reputation for state-of-the-art technology. It serves you smoothly through an impressive exhibition. Select us to turn your dream into an exciting story for a brand that stands out amongst others in the showcase environment.

Stand Design goes beyond just booth building. We do it with great honor. As a stand design company, we are proud of doing more than just booth building. However, our professional staff builds our stands and creates branded environments. Through customized solutions for different sectors and an inbuilt client-oriented strategy, we design booths that speak to your audiences and leave an impact. Being your preferred booth builders and stand design company, our exhibition appearance must be of the same quality, competence, and ingenuity as the Exproglobal brand.

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