Trade Show Booth Lighting

Trade Show Booth and Display Lighting

Aplus Expo is an exhibition stand builder and designer offering all-in-one solutions for your exhibition stand at affordable prices, including lighting solutions. We offer LED tradeshow lighting, radiant lighting and spotlighting that you can install on your booth to meet your requirements. The 3D rendering of your booth can help to determine the location of the lighting. Our construction crew is skilled and is endorsed by local unions. They will help you set up your booth and connect the lighting of your booth at trade shows.
Lighting for booths is vital to help promote your company’s name among the crowd that gathers on the exhibition floor. With the correct lights and in the proper places, you can precisely emphasise the items you wish to be noticed. We also provide custom-designed fixtures meaning that any type of light you require in any location on the booth is possible to arrange.
We’re dedicated to using our expertise and expertise to give you the most successful booths for trade shows. Contact us today to receive no-cost estimates and a 3D rendering of the booth.

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