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GITEX Shopper 2024 Dubai UAE

The Region's Biggest Consumer Electronics Show
Date:28 Sep – 02 Oct 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE
GITEX Shopper 2021 Dubai UAE

GITEX Shopper is a globally renowned consumer electronics event that offers a vast array of electronics, computer components, peripherals, power supplies, software, and services. With over 180 global brands from 36 countries participating, it is a significant forum for both business and consumers. Held annually, the exhibition provides exceptional discounts, special offers, and unique packages, making it a must-visit for tech enthusiasts. It’s free to attend and presents a fantastic shopping experience with substantial savings and discounts.

This extraordinary shopping extravaganza takes place in Dubai and celebrates the latest advancements in information technology. Electronics and gadgets are available at substantially reduced prices during this event, making it an ideal time to make your purchases. Attendees can also take advantage of trade-in offers, raffle giveaways, and explore various exhibits. With approximately 125,000 visitors each year, GITEX Shopper is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

The event is open to the general public and runs from 11 am to 11 pm on November 10 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Entry is priced at 20 AED, and it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance to secure the best deals. GITEX Shopper started in Hall One of the Dubai World Trade Centre and has since grown into a massive international event, attracting industry leaders from around the world.

Aside from showcasing the latest global products, GITEX Shopper is a meeting point for industry leaders and consumers alike. Thousands of retailers participate, attracting over a million attendees. Safety and security are prioritized to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. GITEX Shopper is your opportunity to make valuable purchases while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the show.

With its reputation as the most significant consumer electronics shopping event in the Middle East, GITEX Shopper is an essential event for the MENA region. It offers a broad spectrum of products and services and welcomes both industry giants and eager shoppers. Electronic gadgets, bundled deals, and a bustling shopping atmosphere await attendees. When considering a purchase, informed decisions are key, especially given the potential expense of acquiring new electronic devices.

GITEX Shopper in Dubai is an eagerly anticipated shopping event in the Middle East, featuring the latest electronics, bundled deals, and attracting over a million visitors. The event provides a platform for major retailers and industry leaders, including companies like Etisalat, RedHat, and even celebrity appearances like 50 Cent. Beginning as the GITE exhibition in 1981 in Dubai’s Hall One, it has since grown to occupy more than one million square feet of exhibition space.

GITEX Shopper is a significant event for consumers in the Middle East, playing a crucial role in the MENA region’s economy. It offers consumers the opportunity to purchase electronics and technology at discounted prices, with a wide range of special offers and packages available. Whether you’re looking for gadgets, communication devices, or other electronic equipment, GITEX Shopper is the place to be for a well-informed shopping spree.

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