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If you’re an American company that’s looking to showcase its products and services in Madrid, you’ve come to the right place. Madrid is a thriving business city, with unlimited opportunities for trade, exhibitions, and advertising. This capital of Spain is a major battleground for corporate houses, so it’s important to make the most of your presence here. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for an exhibition stand builder in Madrid:

First of all, you’ll want to make sure the exhibitor is registered with IFEMA, the International Fair for Bakery, Confectionery, Ice Cream, and Coffee Equipment. IFEMA MADRID is the main event for the tourism industry in Spain and Europe, attracting over 200,000 visitors every year. The stand builder will be happy to help you select the right stand for your needs, and can customize it to match your brand identity.


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When you need an exhibition stand built for your next trade show, it’s important to think outside the box. You’ll be surrounded by big industry players and their ostentatious presentations. The last thing you need is to be overshadowed by all of their impressive stands! Luckily, there are several options available that can make your stand a winner.

An exhibition stand builder provides a wide range of services. In addition to being a service provider, they also have the necessary artisan skills to deliver a high-quality product. Using modern design concepts and solid craftsmanship, these exhibition stands meet high standards of quality and are custom-made to fit the exhibitor’s brand. The goal is to create a tailor-made stand that blends seamlessly with their corporate identity and the fair ambiance. They act as a self-portrait for the exhibitor, promoting their brand in the best possible way.

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Exhibition Stand Designer In MADRID, SPAIN

We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

If you are in need of an Exproglobal COMPANY EXHIBITION SMALL STAND DESIGNER IN MADRID, you are in luck. The city offers endless opportunities for business. Trade fairs, exhibitions, and advertising are key activities in Madrid, and the city serves as a battleground for the corporate houses to present their latest products. Here, you can find a wide variety of items you’ll need for your company stand.

A professional Exhibition stand designer can create an eye-catching design for your stand, ensuring your products and services get maximum exposure. It is essential to understand the importance of the design of your stand in order to achieve the desired effect. The best way to achieve this is to get an exhibition stand designer who has years of experience in the industry. Expo Exhibition Stands has been in the business of creating exhibition stands for 35 years, and their designers have a wealth of experience in creating outstanding exhibition stands.

Exhibition Booth Builder In Madrid, Spain

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If you’re going to participate in an international trade show in Madrid, you’ll need to prepare your exhibit well. With the competition so fierce, you’ll need a high-quality booth builder that can get your brand noticed. Exponents specializes in designing and building custom trade show booths. Their professional design services include everything from layout to installation.

The average size of trade show stands is 76 square meters and costs around 21,600 euros. Only four percent of these stands were smaller than nine square meters, which makes them more affordable. In Madrid, the average cost of a trade show stand is 8,200 euros for a 27-square-meter space. Simple design materials are typically less expensive. The average stand is made of wood, steel, or other simple materials.


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Looking for a reliable exhibition stand designer in Madrid? Look no further – Exproglobal COMPANY has a team of highly experienced designers. They can take care of everything – from stand design to installation and dismantling. And since they’ve been in the exhibition stand industry for over 35 years, they’ll be able to deliver the best results possible. Not to mention, their prices are fair, too.

If you’re looking for a top notch design that will catch the eye of the audience, then Madrid is the place to be. In this city, big-name companies make ostentatious presentations to draw attention to their products. But you don’t have to make the same splash. Luckily, there’s plenty of help available to help you make a great impression at trade shows in Madrid.


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The city of Madrid is an exciting place to do business. Exhibitions, trade fairs, and advertising make Madrid the major battleground for corporate houses. Here, you’ll find a wide array of must-have items. Make sure your stand stands out from the rest. Here’s what to look for in a Madrid exhibition stand builder. It’s time to think big!

The construction of exhibition stands requires specialist skills and artisan skills. For a truly effective stand, it must be well-built and conform to high standards. Especially crafted, a modern booth should be tailored to a particular fair’s theme and corporate identity. A well-constructed, tailor-made booth will enhance the brand identity of the exhibitor and the fair’s ambiance. It is a self-portrait for a company.