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We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

ExproGlobal, a prominent name in the world of exhibition stand contracting and building, holds a distinctive position in Eskisehir, Turkey, with a remarkable legacy spanning over 12 years. Our extensive experience is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ve served an array of notable exhibitions, leaving a lasting impact with our precision in design, durability in construction, and innovative strategies that maximize brand visibility. What sets us apart is our dedication to offering customized solutions, recognizing that each brand is unique and deserves a stand that reflects its individuality. At the heart of our approach is our clients, and your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our journey of continual growth and adaptation in the ever-evolving exhibition landscape signifies our aspiration to set new standards in the industry. ExproGlobal is more than just an exhibition contractor; we are your partners in making your brand’s presence unforgettable, turning exhibitions into extraordinary experiences.


Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

Enhance your booth with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment. We offer a wide range of AV solutions for rent, from interactive displays to sound systems, to elevate your visitor experience.

Booth Rental

For a flexible and cost-effective option, consider our booth rental services. Choose from a range of professionally designed rental booths to suit your needs, and enjoy a hassle-free exhibition experience.

Custom Booth Design

Elevate your brand presence with our custom booth solutions. We design and build tailor-made exhibition booths that align perfectly with your brand identity, ensuring a unique and engaging showcase at every event.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Our custom trade show exhibits are designed to leave a lasting impression. From concept to creation, we craft stunning and innovative displays that captivate your audience and set you apart from the competition.

Trade Show Graphics Printing

Our graphic printing services ensure your branding and messaging shine. From banners to signage, we provide high-quality, eye-catching graphics that make your booth stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Trade Show Project Management

Let us handle the complexities of trade show logistics. Our experienced project management team ensures seamless execution, from planning and setup to on-site coordination, leaving you to focus on your business.

Trade Show 3D Rendering

Experience your booth before it’s built with our 3D rendering and concept development services. Visualize your exhibition space and make informed decisions to create a captivating booth design.

Trade Show Storage

With our secure storage facilities, you can store your exhibition assets safely between events. It’s a convenient solution that ensures your booth and materials are in top condition for every show.

Our Exhibition Stand Design Portfolio In ESKISEHIR, TURKEY


We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

Long Point International Trade Fair:This prestigious event provided us with the opportunity to showcase our exceptional exhibition stand construction and design services on the global stage.

ESKISEHIR Fashion Fair: For businesses in the fashion industry, we’ve been a valuable partner at the ESKISEHIR Fashion Fair, providing visually stunning stands that reflect the style and essence of the brands we serve.

Innovate Tech Summit: We had the privilege of contributing our creative designs and innovative exhibition stands to the Innovate Tech Summit, helping tech companies make a memorable impact on their audience.

Eurasian Trade Expo:ExproGlobal has been a prominent participant in the Eurasian Trade Expo, demonstrating our ability to design and construct stands that capture the attention of a diverse international audience.

World Expo 2018:We were honored to be part of the World Expo, where our innovative exhibition stands represented cutting-edge design and technology, leaving a lasting impression on visitors from around the world.

Health & Wellness Expo:At the Health & Wellness Expo, we’ve assisted health and wellness companies in promoting their products and services with stands that exude a sense of well-being and vitality.

ESKISEHIR Art and Culture Showcase: Our creative design and construction skills shine at the ESKISEHIR Art and Culture Showcase, where we help art and cultural institutions present their offerings in a visually captivating manner.



Customization: We understand that every brand is unique. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re participating in local exhibitions in ESKISEHIR or prestigious international events like the Long Point International Trade Fair.

Timely Delivery: We know the importance of deadlines. Rest assured, your stand will be ready as promised, even when preparing for global exhibitions.

Competitive Pricing:Quality doesn’t have to come at a steep price. We offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our work, ensuring that your budget is well-managed whether you’re showcasing in ESKISEHIR or at international fairs.

Customer-Centric Approach:Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life, no matter where you’re exhibiting, whether it’s a local event or an international trade fair like Long Point.

Global Expertise: Our experience extends beyond ESKISEHIR to global events such as the Long Point International Trade Fair. We understand the unique demands of international exhibitions and can help your brand shine on the global stage.

Innovative Designs:Our creative team is always at the forefront of design trends, ensuring that your stand is not only visually stunning but also showcases the latest in design and technology, making you stand out at exhibitions.

International Network: Through our experience at international exhibitions like the Long Point International Trade Fair, we’ve built a vast network of contacts, which can be beneficial to your business when you participate in global events.

Strategic Location Planning: Our experience at international fairs has given us insights into the importance of strategic booth placement. We can help you secure prime locations, enhancing your visibility at international exhibitions like the Long Point Trade Fair.

Quality Materials:We use only the finest materials in the construction of your exhibition stand, guaranteeing durability and a polished finish, whether you’re exhibiting locally or internationally.

Continuous Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the completion of your stand. We provide continuous support throughout the exhibition, ensuring any last-minute requirements are met efficiently, whether it’s at a local or international exhibition.




How do We Work Together

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Idea Exchange

We listen to your ideas and understand your needs.

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3D Design

We make your ideas true in 3D visuals.

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One Platform for all the process and designs.

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Stands transportation facility and national delivery

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Build & Install

We build your stands at the committed time and ensure smooth opening.

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On-Site Management

Our pro technicians supervise all the on-site management.

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Dismantle & Storage

Efficient exhibition-show clean-up and stock management.


exhibition stand builder in eskisehir

“In the sprawling city of Eskisehir, Turkey, we are proud to be the leading booth builders and exhibition stand design company, a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship. With years of experience etched into our identity, our commitment to providing the best in booth construction and stand design is unwavering. We understand that every exhibition is a unique opportunity to make a statement, and that’s why we approach each project with a dedication to creating an extraordinary experience. Our team’s creativity knows no bounds, as we craft booths that tell a story, capture attention, and facilitate meaningful interactions. Our stand designs are more than just structures; they are powerful tools that transform spaces into brand showcases. With an eye for detail, we ensure that every aspect aligns perfectly with your brand identity. What sets us apart is not just our expertise, but our user-centric approach to content that delivers valuable insights without recycling past information. Your success is our success, and we’re here to provide you with cost-effective, budget-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on quality. So, whether you are launching a new product, promoting your brand, or participating in a trade show, we are the partners you can rely on to create an unforgettable presence. Choose us, and together, we’ll make your exhibition dreams come to life, leaving a lasting impact

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