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We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

Exproglobal boasts of offering a vast variety of specialized services specifically tailored for individual clients. We have advanced in-house manufacturing and printing facilities that enable us to supply superior quality custom built exhibition stands of international standard. We handle from concept through design, fabrication and installation ensuring every step is done to fine artistry and craftmanship.

The city of Cannes is an attractive business venue for enterprises operating in diverse sectors resulting in an extremely competitive environment. It is important for a business to be able to present itself appropriately so as to lure prospective customers. Engaging Exproglobal as your exhibition stands contractor, means that your participation in Cannes based exhibitions and trade shows will be outstanding.

ExproGlobal acknowledges the fact that an exceptional exhibition stand, which catches the eye and entices the audience is imperative and critical. We engage competent people who interact closely with customers to learn about their business nature, goals, and intended consumer. Collaborative way of working makes sure that the exhibition stand should meet the customers’ view and convey their information accurately.

Hiring Exproglobal as your exhibition stand contractor in Cannes gives you an opportunity to benefit a lot from our wide knowledge and experience we have gained across the industry. This is a very clear explanation of our insight on the locations of Cannes’s exhibitions and what each venue entails and considers in its planning process. We have this unique expertise that enables us to offer important advice and assistance throughout the journey, making sure that our customers enjoy an efficient event.

Our company prides itself on quality service delivery. Our intention is to go above the call of duty in giving clients unmatched exhibition stands which are made of high-quality materials used to portray the best products and services as well as enhancing a good brand appearance for the consumers. As a very reliable and trustworthy exhibition stand contractor in Cannes, our attention to detail, high quality in workmanship and customer service oriented approach distinguishes us.


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Exproglobal is one of the best exhibition stand builders at Cannes in the France country and provides high-quality services. We have over a decade of experience understanding the distinctive needs of business entities involved in trade shows and exhibitions. We have a team of specialists who craft exclusive, attention-grabbing and memorable displays for shows.

We are exhibition stand builders who endeavor to address in full the particular requirements our customers have on mind. In collaboration with business partners, we endeavor to know why, what, how of the desired products or services, company’s brand and intended beneficiaries of the designs in order to match them precisely to business purposes. Exproglobal can create whatever type of booth or exhibition stand you need – big or small.

Quality is one of our priorities when it comes to hiring ExproGlobal Builders Cannes as you exhibition stand building company in France.… Our focus is on using the best quality materials such as timber, acrylics and metals, and skilled craftsmanship to construct durable yet attractive trade showstands. Exproglobal Builders’ team of experts manages the process, starting with concept generation all through on-site installation without inconveniencing the client.
We are experts at organizing exhibitions that go way beyond Cannes, France. Our understanding of local exhibition venues, regulations, and logistics enables us to plan and execute a successful exhibition presence quickly. We are competent in the different aspects of business, meaning that regardless of the business sector or the theme of an exhibition we are knowledgeable about the related concerns.

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Our Exhibition Stand Design Portfolio In CANNES


We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

Exproglobal is the top exhibition stand design company in Cannes, France with a proven track record of making great designs with enduring impact. Our skilled designers are capable of creating unique show designs according to your company’s branding and vision.Therefore, as exhibition stand designers, we know that each business differs hence making it necessary for our designs to indicate that uniqueness. We will get a good understanding of your objectives in relation to the event, ideal audience you would like to reach out to, as well as your desired message so that our exhibition stand design tells a compelling brand story for engaging with all visitors.

Exproglobal has a collaborative and transparent design process. Working closely together we will have your input in the way the stall is designed from the conceptualization stage. We employ the newest design software and models that generate 3D images of finished products prior to actual construction.

A major benefit of working with our company Exproglobal which takes to superiority as a Cannes exhibition stand designer. Every bit of detail in a design matters; from graphics to signs, we make sure everything is precise. As our expertise comes into play in spatial planning as well as visual stories, it creates an impact on each visitor coming inside the space.

Exhibition Booth BuilderS In Cannes

Exproglobal Booth Builders is one of the top companies offering outstanding exhibition booth construction in France. Our vast experience and proficiency within the industry has given us the notoriety of providing first class stands which always outperform clients’ aspirations.
Exproglobal Booth Builders recognizes that it is important to create exhibition stands which attract visitors, while at the same time having a logo and a message which correlate with your business objectives. Using ingenuity, ingenuity, we come up with beautiful yet fully functional booths that are eye catchy leaving a good remark for our brand. With this in mind, as expo stall builders, we put every detail of your stand at a meticulous planning process. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to establish the required specifications such as the booths’ sizes, layout, branding components and any interactive attributes.
The company is dedicated to building booths using high quality material and latest technology to deliver remarkable outcomes. The finished products are durable, good looking, strong enough for exhibitions because we give careful attention to details and concentrate on the quality.
 Our expertise extends beyond construction. We understand booth design principles and can give you advice on how to improve the layout and flow of the booth. We are committed to building a booth that lures in the visitors, gets them interested in our services, and creates opportunities for interacting with them.


How do We Work Together

Idea Exchange

We listen to your ideas and understand your needs.

3D Design

We make your ideas true in 3D visuals.


One Platform for all the process and designs.


Stands transportation facility and national delivery

Build & Install

We build your stands at the committed time and ensure smooth opening.

On-Site Management

Our pro technicians supervise all the on-site management.

Dismantle & Storage

Efficient exhibition-show clean-up and stock management.


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Exproglobal booth builders is our name and we offer one of the best and eye-catching exhibition booths in Cannes, France. Due to long term experiences and skills of providing quality booths, our name has become synonymous with excellence.

We recognizes a booth must attract, but it should represent the brand and advertising objectives as well. Through a blend of artistry and technology, our highly professional builders create visually impressive yet efficient exhibit booths that make a long-lasting impact.

As exhibition booth builders, we consider every detail so as to deliver a complete solution for booth layout. Together with you we determine booth size, booth layout, branding elements and interactive devices.

We use the best quality materials as well as advanced technologies to build superiorly impressive booths. Being meticulous and having a quality consciousness leads us develop strong yet aesthetically attractive booths that stand through exhibitions.

Our expertise extends beyond construction. We know how to build a booth, including tips on the best way to use the layout and flow of the booth. We want to produce a stall which not just invites people but also stimulates a social experience.

Exhibition Stand Company In CANNES

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Exproglobal Stands Company is an exhibition stand that customizes its products and services according to different clients’ interests and objectives. Our company works closely with enterprises in order to analyze the brand, goods and aims of presentation. We offer full package services that take you through the process of making exhibition stands starting from design to actual production. To this end, our team comprises creative individuals with mastery in designing top quality exhibit structures, which showcase your goods/brands and captivate visitors’ attention. Exproglobal Stands boasts of its professionalism and quality standards. In addition, we are cognizant in that each component has an impact on the eventuality outcomes for our product displays. Every element that constitutes the choice of materials and colors, the layout as well as functionality is carefully thought out with an objective of developing an impressive persona for your brand. Using our deep understanding of current industry standards and technology, your exhibit will be unique, eye catching with all components readily allowing for customer engagement.

However, what makes us unique is the customer-focused strategy that we take towards our clients. At each step of our projects, we aim to beat customer expectations in order to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. We commit ourselves to seamless and hassle free experience starting from the initial consultant and design up to the site installations and post show support.
Choosing Exproglobal Stands as your exhibition stand company in Cannes, France ensures that quality is guaranteed, professionalism exists, and excellent output delivered. Working together with our design, creativity, and technical abilities we ensure effective brand building at the exhibitions so that you make the intended impact for your potential clients.

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