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We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

Exproglobal is a name in the heart of the vibrant exhibition scene of Verona, and it stands out for excellence. We are not only exhibition stand builders, but we also architect remarkable experiences for your brand.

Picture an empty room, a virgin canvas awaiting its first and most incredible artwork. That’s where our journey begins. We’re the go-to show leaders in Verona’s exhibition arena if you have big dreams. We are passionate about exhibitions because a good stand should be more than merely telling stories; it should let people live through a wonderworld.

We can do this because of our reputation, which attests that we can make any dream or vision come true. We pay attention and play a significant role in everything, from inspiration to the final details. Our teams of artists, designers and visionaries work hand in hand to ensure your stand attracts and keeps the interest.

But what truly distinguishes us? This is echoed by many of their delighted customers who have been on receipt of the ExproGlobal experience. Our success confirms that we maintain quality as we develop concepts for our customers, which leave them speechless.

Enter a world of boundless creativity and make your lasting impression on the Verona exhibition scene. Join us as we combine artistic innovation and expertise to deliver success to your brand.


Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

Harness the capabilities of perception through our latest Audio-Visual Equipment hire. Your event’s success, our technology.

Booth Rental

Try our booth rentals and enhance your event presence. You show up with the brand while we give the stage. We offer personalized solutions that enable you to stand above easily.

Custom Booth Design

Specifically designed for you are our custom booth designs, which illustrate your distinctive outlook. To achieve presence and not just appearance. Our skills and yours: your brand, your style.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

You are creating extraordinary reality out of vision writing—your unique identity – our custom trade show exhibits. Stand out and be unforgettable—the power of our expertise at your show, your brand.

Trade Show Graphics Printing

Our Trade Show Graphics Printing converts your ideas into vivid images. Your message, our precision. Be recognized for superior quality.

Trade Show Project Management

Let our trade show project management aid your path to success: your goals, our guidance. Effortlessly bring about your dream without failure. Your show, our expertise.

Trade Show 3D Rendering

Bring your ideas to reality through Trade Show 3D Rendering. Your vision, our realism. See it in all its three-dimensional glory. Visualize success; start here.

Trade Show Storage

Have a successful trade show with Trade Show Storage: your assets, our care. Simplify transport to protect your artwork. That is why we put your peace of mind first.

Our Exhibition Stand Design Portfolio In Verona, Italy

Exhibition Stand Designer In Verona

We combine innovation with craftsmanship in designing unique exhibition stands that immerse you in your brands. We have a team of experienced designers and craftsmen committed to materializing your design dream.?

Our stands showcase your products and convey your brand’s narrative. Therefore, It is true that in every endeavour, there is an occasion for creating an appealing environment. The intention is that the designs will linger with visitors to the exhibitions in Verona.

Our dedication to quality has made us one of Verona’s top Exhibition Stand designers. From the ideas you have in mind, we develop stunning exhibitions which will catch viewers’ eye.

By selecting us, you work with an organization to ensure that your forthcoming exhibition is the best held in Verona. We shall elevate your brand and make an unforgettable impact on your audience.


What is so typical in going the extra mile? In this sense, ExproGlobal is the powerhouse for turning your Verona exhibitions’ visions into reality for being such a sparkle. Let’s delve into why we’re your ultimate choice for exhibition success:


Visionaries of Innovation

We are not ordinary stand builders. We are new-age storytellers who create immersive brand stories. Every booth becomes a painted picture of innovation and skillfulness to set yours apart from Verona’s masses.


The Proven Difference 

Applaud for us, not only through words but also with your echoes. A proven record of pursuing perfection and success is a testament to our commitment.


Tailored Brilliance

One size doesn’t fit all. The projects at ExproGlobal reflect each customer’s specific view and objective because each is a unique image of the company’s identity.


Artistry Meets Expertise

Our crew is more than merely competent; it is the builders of creativity. Ideas become masters via the hands of artisans and designers. Using ExproGlobal, your display is not simply an exhibit but a centre of attraction.


Seamless Prowess

Every little detail concerning your Verona showdown is dealt with in clockwork efficiency, so you may only focus on making the exhibition successful. With EXPROGlobal, you have someone with you who guarantees excellence in everything.


Exceptional Experience

Get a unique partnership for a pleasant experience.ҽ Get into a place full of opportunities where your brand is illuminated at the exhibitors of Verona’s trade fairs. We’re more than an exhibit booth; we’re your all-access pass to incredible.


Unleash the Potential 

Power your impact, fuel your brand and leave an unforgettable impression at the exhibition afterwards. Verona is not a place but a platform where your success can be shown off, and we are such directors who bring the spotlight to you in this place.


How do We Work Together

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Idea Exchange

We listen to your ideas and understand your needs.

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3D Design

We make your ideas true in 3D visuals.

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One Platform for all the process and designs.

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Stands transportation facility and national delivery

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Build & Install

We build your stands at the committed time and ensure smooth opening.

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On-Site Management

Our pro technicians supervise all the on-site management.

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Dismantle & Storage

Efficient exhibition-show clean-up and stock management.

Exhibition Booth Designing Company In Veron

We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

exhibition booth builder in verona

Masters of Creative Ingenuity

We are not simply booth builders; we are masters of visionary designs. Every part of our booth becomes a canvas where fantasy unites with technology, producing a unique story to be told.

A Legacy of Excellence

Our reputation is impressive and loud evidence of our constant dedication to quality. Quality is a continuous thing that is delivered.

Customized Brilliance

Our world will not be one size fits all. Each one is created exclusively for you to display your unique ideas, mission, and corporate image. It is not about erecting boxes but building a solid identity for our brands.

Seamless Precision

We treat each aspect, from a concept through completion, with such attention and care the sound of Verona’s exhibit is an orchestra of success. It helps you develop the art of making an impression that outlives itself.

Where potential turns into power and excellence is your signature, making your brand outstanding in the universe of the booth designing company Verona. Allow us to become a part of your unique, memorable brand.

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