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Exproglobal COMPANY EXHIBITION STAND BUILDER IN SHANGHAi offers professional exhibition stand building services. They have been working in the exhibition industry for 10 years and have many international clients. They have the ability to meet your exact requirements and deliver your exhibit in the most professional way. With a team of highly skilled exhibition stand builders, you can rest assured that your stand will be built with the highest quality.

Shanghai’s Art Book Fair, a large and important exhibition of local artist’s books, is held by Exproglobal every year. This event introduces artists and world-renowned institutions. It also debuts new art books and other publications. Visitors can browse the booths and buy art books. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an exhibitor booth, visit the Modern Art Museum.

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The official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, Exproglobal, has worked on many pharmaceutical industry projects. They have extensive experience designing and installing exhibition stands. The company also constructed the Russian pavilion, which was an architectural marvel with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. This Russian Pavilion broke all records for daily visitors, so it is no surprise that it was so successful. The company’s team has the knowledge and the experience needed to design a stand that will meet all your requirements.

For the first time, Exproglobal and Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal have signed a memorandum of understanding on how they can improve their services for time and temperature-sensitive shipments. This agreement will correspond to a strategic cooperation agreement signed in September 2017.

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Exhibition Stand Designer In Shanghai, China

If you are planning to exhibit in Shanghai, you need to look for a reliable exhibition stand builder. There are many options available, but Exproglobal COMPANY EXHIBITION STAND BUILDER in Shanghai is a good choice. The Shanghai-based exhibition stand builder has a decade of experience. They have clients all over the world, and can design and build custom stands.

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Exproglobal Company exhibit booth builders are service providers, who can create an ideal exhibition stand for your business. The company’s artisan and design skills are essential for creating modern exhibition stands. These custom stands must not only be built to the highest standards, but also be unique and aesthetically pleasing to the exhibition’s ambiance. A custom-made booth is an exhibition’s perfect self-portrait.

The company has established regional cross-border business centers for South Asia, Central Asia, Mongolia, and ASEAN. It has rolled out direct transactions in eight currencies with countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative. In 2016, it handled over RMB seven trillion in currency and cross-border business of over RMB 30 billion with neighboring countries. It has an STP rate of 99.9%, which means that its services are reliable.


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The Exproglobal Company, an official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, offers comprehensive services in designing, fabricating, and installing exhibition stands. The company has completed countless pharmaceutical industry projects and has built and installed exhibition stands for major events. For example, it was involved in the construction of the Russian pavilion, which featured 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. The pavilion broke all records for the largest daily visitors at an exhibition.

Since its founding in 2015, the Exproglobal Exhibition stand has become one of the most professional exhibitions of artist’s books in China. This expo of independent publications is open to the public and features lectures, talks, and the debut of new publications. Visitors are welcome to wander through booths and check out the books and art. They can also visit the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai.

Exhibition Stand Company In Shanghai, China

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If you are planning to participate in an exhibition, you should choose an Exhibition stand builder from the city of Shanghai. The Exproglobal company has more than ten years of experience in the industry. Their team of skilled workers has experience with international exhibitions and can provide you with excellent workmanship. They also provide a wide range of additional items. To find out more, read on. This article outlines the benefits of using an Exhibition stand builder from Shanghai.

The Exproglobal Company Exhibition Stand Builder in Shanghai can provide you with a high-quality stand design and build. These stand builders are skilled in preparing exhibitions in the city. They have in-house manufacturing and printing facilities. All of the materials and equipments used by exhibitors are of the highest quality. Their services are available throughout China and overseas. These are some of the most important benefits of hiring an Exhibition Stand Builder from Shanghai.

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The Exproglobal COMPANY Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai offers a wide range of exhibits and is certified to meet ABACE2019 rules and regulations. These experts have extensive experience in building exhibition stands and installation of technical equipment. Their work has included building and installing the Shanghai Pavilion, which was a landmark architectural structure with 12 towers and a central 15 metre building. The Shanghai pavilion attracted record numbers of visitors every day and set several world records.

The Exproglobal COMPANY Exhibition Stand Builder in Shanghai has been in the exhibition business for over 10 years. They have been serving their clients all over the world and offer custom exhibition booth design and layout services. Their designers will create a booth according to the business needs and requirements of the client. The stand builder can also customize the layout to match the exhibition hall. This means you can have the booth that looks perfect in any space.

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We Specialize in Customized Stall Fabrication & Designing

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A reputable and experienced exhibition booth designing company will help you create an unforgettable trade show experience. The services offered by such companies are not limited to building custom exhibition stands, but include all aspects of a trade show booth, from concept to production. They should also be able to offer you consultation and advice. The goal of any exhibition booth design company is to maximize the impact of your booth design, so they will help you create the most effective plan for achieving your business objectives. In addition to the technical floorplan, you need to have a meeting with the sales team after the trade show to discuss the design. Oftentimes, the sales team will provide valuable feedback about the booth, including how visitors perceive the branding, how it functions, and what areas need to be improved. In addition, the company should be able to incorporate this feedback into their design process, so they can meet your expectations.

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