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Saudi Plastics & Petrochem 2024 Riyadh

The global platform for accelerating sustainable development
Date:06 – 09 May 2024
Venue:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Plastics & Petrochem 2024 Riyadh

Check out the cutting-edge technologies in Saudi Arabia’s plastics and petrochemical industry. Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2024 trade show is positioned to take place from May 6th to May 9th, 2024, in Riyadh. Book our stand builders here now and be ready to exhibit the latest and most sought-after products and technologies, especially for the needs of the Saudi market.

The major players of the trade show are these various varieties of plastic and petrochemical products, such as additives, adhesives, chemicals, agrochemicals, chillers, coatings, polyolefin, basic chemicals, consultancy, design, propylene, blow moulding, beauty products, fertilizers, compressors, and so on.

The 2024 event, although it had to face difficulties because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, is considered a symbolic sign of market recovery with the support of consecutive campaigns established by the government of Saudi Arabia. You should not miss the event to experience the revival of the industry and be amongst the record holders who achieved great growth and success.

The Saudi Kingdom, in particular, sees the great promise in these packaging, plastic, paper, and petrochemical industries as effective operational industry areas that will enormously enhance economic sector output and exports. Don’t waiver on the chance that will make you part of such a vibrant and stimulating forum for the Saudi market’s advancement, innovation and strength.

Benefits of taking part in Saudi Plastics and PetroChem Riyadh 2024:

Doing business in Saudi Plastics and PetroChem Riyadh 2024 provides many advantages for companies and professional trade companies. Through this event, the organizers have managed to pin a hub of novelty and product demonstrations that is a springboard for local, regional, and international popularity.

The expo is proven to be an international platform that serves as the easiest access to uninterrupted breakthroughs that attendees and innovators can utilize to get in touch with contemporary markets and audiences worldwide. This international forum aims to be a networking platform for exploring business opportunities among the participants, which can help the participants expand their base and establish valuable connections in this industry.

The industry stakeholders with various backgrounds at the trade fair add to the attraction as an ideal platform for announcing new products and pilot projects and adding to the fair being the best for that place and time. This situation allows businesses to compete for the eyes of the interested audience, creating barriers to entry, partners and, ultimately, the company’s growth.

There is a company you should know about if you need a professional exhibition presence: ExproGobal Exhibition Company, which has the highest customer ratings and operates across Saudi Arabia. Having a 3D exhibition booth stand design as their main business line, they ensure high-quality service by offering attention to detail and a comparable price policy. Partnering with a globally known company allows us to supply exhibitors with a visual and attractive deposition of their achievements and innovations that has a high chance of affecting the market and gives them a good card to play with.

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