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Jewellery Salon 2024 Saudi Arabia

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Date:26 – 29  Feb 2024
Venue:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jewellery Salon 2024 Saudi Arabia

Join the Jewellery Salon Expo 2024, the epitome of elegance and unveiling of exquisite pieces of jewellery exquisitely crafted to pamper your style and make you look more beautiful naturally. Organized by Sunaidi Expo and Conferences, this annual event has been cultivated for almost a decade to be a notable calendar feature.

A milestone of achievement, the Jewellery Salon is now an acclaimed phenomenon of interest, bringing together jewellers’ specialists and industry experts. The expo is termed “The most prestigious Jewellery exhibition in the Arabian Gulf” by the local media and shows the passion and dedication of its founder, Haya Al Sunaidi.

Haya Al Sunaidi started her first step towards achieving her dream in the jewellery retailing world as a young woman in Lebanon, and her business grew tremendously when she transferred her experience to Saudi Arabia in her early twenties. After that, she became a renowned figure in the jewellery industry, citing her vision and creativity, which has benefitted the jewellery salon with blossoming success.

Come to the Jewellery Salon Expo 2024 and be part of the unique event, where luxury merges with artistry and aesthetics reach their peak. Be part of the event that has exceeded the level of Jewellery exhibitions in the Arabian Gulf. Join us.

Benefits of participating in Jewellery Salon:

  1. Participating in Jewellery Salon 2024 benefits international and local designers, high-profile personalities and exclusive clientele. This event aims to reinvigorate the country’s jewellery industry by showcasing top jewellery designers from around the world on the same podium.
  2. In the prospect of prime jewellers, this trade show represents a chance to grasp the Saudi Elite, enabling them to establish useful partnerships and increase their scope of work in the market. The event pledges guests an experience of royal living for premium guests and VIP clients. Therefore, it is a must-attend for those who are looking for exclusive and luxurious jewellery.
  3. Jewellery Salon 2024 aims to offer more than just the appeal of luxury goods; it is dedicated to consumer education. The holding of seminars indicates the commitment to passing on to consumers the knowledge of the diamond quality they purchase to maintain a base of informed and satisfied consumers.
  4. Catered for more than 50,000 expected visitors and accommodating over 500 exhibitors, this expo in Saudi Arabia is set to be a vibrant network, business opportunities, and exposure hub. Attending Jewellery Salon 2024 is not only displaying products; it is part of a milestone event that will become the future of the Saudi jewellery industry.

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