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Geds Expo 2024

The global platform for accelerating sustainable development
Date:16 – 18 May 2024
Venue:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Geds Expo 2024

Follow new directions, discoveries, and methods in education and professional training at GEDS Expo 2024, the prime event organized for educators, decision-makers, and industry stakeholders. See you at the Jedd Hilton Hotel, Al-Qaser Hall, from 16 to 18 May 2024, which is a venue that will offer a comprehensive presentation of all the significant developments in the field. Don’t miss the chance to be present at the largest educational forum of the region, performing the making of the future of the education development and support.

This event brings in a varied crowd that has over 1000 guest visitors with it and the participation of more than 250 exhibitors and startups. Participants of this initiative are among primary-educational institutions together with service providers, technology innovators and support groups. The education expo works as a platform for displaying new developments, solutions, and resources in different school levels.

The initiative boasts a well-stocked speaker panel of over 250 industry experts, providing for a multitude of knowledge and advice on the education field. The meetings touch on a variety of issues, such as pedagogical aspects, integration of technology, curriculum construction, and student support services. A format that combines keynote presentations, panel discussions and technical seminars is the bedrock as it is designed to address the core challenges and take advantage of the education opportunities.

The entire program truly embodies the synergy of exchanging approaches in the fields of teaching methodology, student engagement, digital learning and educational leadership. Participants of the conference can build their own network by attending such events as networking sessions, business meetings, and interactive forum which develop the common knowledge base and encourage the community of education to prosper.

Benefits of Participating in GEDS Expo 2024:

Participating in the GEDS Expo 2024 offers valuable advantages for professionals and organizations in the education sector:

  1. Targeted Networking: Connect with educational officials, administrators, policymakers, and corporate representatives inside KSA and abroad. The expo can be considered as a centralized avenue seeking to develop meaningful bonds in the education circle.
  2. Showcasing Expertise: Display your educational products, services, and wisdom to people of the right judgment. It opens the door for branding purposes and recognition of your organization as a bringer of changes in the educational sector.
  3. Market Expansion: Use the opportunity to increase your market shares by involving decision-makers and key influencers. The exhibitions play a significant role in creating a decent platform for establishing strategic business relationships that can increase growth and collaboration.
  4. Knowledge Sharing: Contribute to the educational discourse by developing a unique voice, and sharing your experiences, best practices, and success stories. This is the affirmation of your organization’s reputation and your guise as a thought leader in a given field.
  5. Effective Networking: The exposition aids networking as a channel through which advertising to potential customers, suppliers, investors, and partners can be effected. A wide variety of audiences contributes toward a diversified pool of contacts, potential partners, and business relationships.
  6. Exceptional Exhibition Booth Design: Maximize the exposure of the GEDS Expo through a joint venture with ExproGlobal Exhibition Company, which offers customizable booths of the best quality. A well-designed exhibition stand can be much more than just a stand; it can be a big contributing factor to the success of your showcase.
  7. Trusted Exhibition Stand Builder: Select a renowned exhibition stand builder in Saudi Arabia who performs all necessary tasks perfectly to exhibit the professionalism and innovativeness of your company. If you have any requirements for our exhibition stand design service for the GEDS Expo, please contact our ExproGlobal Team for a quotation.

Taking part in the GEDS Expo 2024 is a great strategy to make your organization known, meet important players in the field of education, and always keep up with fast-changing trends.

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