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Cityscape Doha 2024

The Leading Sweets & Snacks Event for the Middle East
Date:15 – 17 Oct 2024
Venue:Doha, Qatar
Cityscape 2024

Grasp a chance to attend Cityscape Qatar 2024, the indispensable real estate exhibition that will be held from October 15th to October 17th, 2024, at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. This event will help you to connect with investors who are fit and present asset holders, home buyers, and high-net-worth professionals.

Being a part of Cityscape Qatar 2024 will give you a chance to highlight your works, build further networks with top players in the industry, and look forward to possible collaborations. We are offering you a chance to increase your visibility and have meaningful interactions with your clients and stakeholders in real estate. This is a prestigious platform which heads each year under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Qatar and is comprised of the best globally recognized investors.

Join the ranks of the existing agents in Qatar to spike your visibility in the real estate sector and have a network of valuable connections. Cityscape Qatar 2022 will give you a home run, for sure, as it will speed up your professional development and propel you to the next professional level. We are excited to see you at such a distinguished event!

The prospect of Cityscape Qatar 2024 will be a golden chance for the general public and the realty industry, with a variety of benefits in the future. 

 Here’s a quick overview of the key benefits:

  1. Government Relations: Engage with the governmental offices in Doha, entering the initial stage of collaboration that will pave the way for future business benefits.
  2. B2B Networking: Establish solid business-to-business relations, particularly with high-net-worth people, to develop an exemplary real estate business and explore possibilities of collaboration.
  3. Customer Acquisition: Pinpoint and reach out to your potential customers; present your works in this forum attended by visitors from all over the world, with 45k visitors from 100+ countries.
  4. Industry Insights: To be informed about the newest movements in the property market in Qatar and their offers, visit Cityscape 2023 in Qatar and pick up the most useful information about the changing market.
  5. Media Exposure: Following this intensive public relations campaign, the brand can reap the benefits of nationwide and international media coverage at no cost to the advertising budget.
  6. Exhibitor and Sponsorship Presence: Focus on your appearance among the 250+ exhibitors and sponsors, which is likely to lead to various joint projects and business developments.
  7. Educational Content: Get access to over 100 hours of exciting online material from 90 global speakers diving into the latest industry insights, inventions, and techniques.
  8. Diverse Attendees: Engage with a multi-faceted target group of residential buyers, investors, architects, designers, agents, engineers, and brokers, whose components coherently depict the true face of the real estate market.
  9. Market Exploration: Capitalize on the active people attending looking for new investments, seeking out property developers, comparing properties, and remaining in the know about potential market trends.

Exhibiting at the Cityscape Qatar 2024 event becomes a gateway towards forging relationships, learning the trends and enhancing your brand status in the saturated real estate industry.


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