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Horeca Exhibitions Kuwait 2025

The Leading Sweets & Snacks Event for the Middle East
Date:15 – 17 Jan 2025
Venue:Kuwait city, Kuwait
Horeca Exhibition 2025

Participate in Horeca Kuwait 2025, a well-known trade fair for SMEs in the hospitality industry! From the 15th to the 17th of January 2025, you can meet global leaders representing the hotel, restaurant, and coffee house industry at the Kuwait International Fair Ground, Hall number 8.

Having been born in Lebanon in 1994, Horeca Expo has developed to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait and, more recently, has been attracting customers from the service industry.

Don’t skip this opportunity to interact with top hospitality leaders, gain insider knowledge, and present your product/service. Raise your brand recognition, make your brand memorable, and be updated with industry trends—team up with Kuwait-savvy experts to ensure the success of your exhibition space. Create profitable links and promote your brand at Horeca Kuwait 2025!


Key Points and Benefits of Horeca Expo 2025 Kuwait City, Kuwait

  1. Exhibition Platform: The Horeca Expo 2025 in Kuwait City is one of the best platforms for offering hospitality products and services to industry management.
  2. Culinary Art Showcase: The event involves a competitive show of culinary artistry with the participation of chefs from different nations who present their mastery through visually impressive food creations.
  3. Industry Networking: It is an excellent opportunity for professionals working in accommodation, food service, and drinks to significantly develop and enhance their contacts.
  4. Diverse Expertise: Applicants interact with various industry experts such as mixologists, restaurateurs, distributors, chefs, producers, and leaders, which generate genuine dynamic partnerships.
  5. Global Participation: Following over 18,000 trade attendees from various countries, the Horeca Expo 2025 in Kuwait City welcomes industry professionals worldwide.
  6. Business Opportunities: The exposition is a crucial platform for relationship-building and business linkages characterized by creating a conducive environment for the growth of new business deals.
  7. Insights into Trends: Visitors have the chance to keep up with the newest trends and their corresponding solutions in the hospitality industry, obtaining remarkable information on the sector’s development.
  8. Live Demonstrations: Visitors will participate in live cooking demonstrations, creating an experience that brings the visitors into the culinary arts environment.
  9. Panel Discussions: Smart Panel discussions aggregate various thought leaders to share their experiences and speak on the recent trends in the hospitality industry.
  10. Friendly Environment: The Horeca Expo 2025 in Kuwait provides a relaxed and friendly environment where professionals can network, exchange information, and look into business opportunities in a mutually cooperative atmosphere.


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