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The most comprehensive regional IT exhibition
Date:11 Oct – 21 Oct 2024
gitex technology week exhibition dubai uae

Dubai Gitex is a renowned exhibition and trading company specializing in the field of consumer electronics and related services. Established in 1985, it has become a pioneer in exporting electronic goods, computers, and associated services to the Middle East region. With branches in major cities worldwide and its main office in Dubai, Gitex has earned a reputation as a trusted distributor for leading international companies seeking to enter the Middle East market.

The Middle East, Asia, and Europe have a substantial demand for electronics, creating a pressing need for efficient distribution channels. Gitex rises to the occasion by continually developing new products and pioneering innovative technologies to meet consumer demands. The company actively invests in research and development, announces product launches, refines marketing strategies, and conducts business meetings and seminars to enhance production and distribution efficiency.

Gitex exhibitions serve as vital platforms for introducing new products and technologies to the market. Our showrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art display and technical equipment. Dubai Gitex showrooms provide an ideal space for exporters, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, importers, and local buyers to showcase their offerings. Our exhibitions and conferences in Dubai create opportunities for businesses to present their products to the public, attract new customers, and expand their network of industry contacts.

Gitex is a proud founding member of the Dubai Trade and Exhibition Corporation (DETC). Additionally, we actively participate in promoting and advertising local and foreign goods within the Dubai Festival Shopping Zone. As signatories to the Americas (PCA) Program since 1987, Gitex consistently organizes events related to the program’s goals of fostering international exchange, building North-South American relations, promoting cross-cultural communication, and encouraging international cooperation.

Our exhibitions feature over twenty global companies representing various sectors, including electronics, mechanical goods, chemicals, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and transport equipment. Dubai Gitex fairs provide a platform for buyers and suppliers to explore opportunities, exchange information, and engage in business transactions. Exhibiting at our events offers exposure to a wide array of global and regional exporters and distributors.

While Dubai Gitex fairs are held throughout the year, May and June are particularly popular months for exhibitors and buyers alike. The events take place at various venues, including the World Trade Center, Madinat Jumeirah International Trade Centre, and the Dubai Creek Campus, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants. Join us at Dubai Gitex and unlock the potential of the electronics market in the Middle East and beyond.

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