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The most comprehensive regional IT exhibition
Date:11 Oct – 21 Oct 2021
gitex technology week exhibition dubai uae

Dubai Gitex is an exhibition and trading company specialized in the field of electronic goods. It has branches in various cities of the world, with its main office located in Dubai. The company was established in 1985 and is one of the first exporters of consumer electronics, computers, and other related services to the Middle East. Prominent international companies use the Gitex brand for the distribution of their products in the region.

There is a huge demand for electronics from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and therefore, there is a high need for these companies to distribute their wares. Gitex strives to satisfy this demand by developing new products and introducing innovative technologies to meet the demands of consumers. The company also promotes product research and development, announces the sale and distribution of electronic goods, develops new marketing strategies, and conducts business meetings and seminars to improve the company’s efficiency and quality of the production and distribution activities.

Gitex shows are a platform for selling and facilitating new products and technologies to the market. The company’s showrooms offer a comprehensive range of display and technical equipment. The Dubai Gitex shows rooms are equipped with the latest equipment and provide an incredible platform for exporters, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, importers, and local buyers. Exhibition and conference venues in Dubai allow people in business to exhibit their products to the general public, attract new customers and expand their business contacts. Exhibitors will find that participating in an event will allow them to experience the benefits of doing business in Dubai – a secure, wealthy, integrated, and modern country with a thriving economy and a vibrant market.

Gitex is proud to be a founding member of the Dubai Trade and Exhibition Corporation (DETC). This company also forms part of the Dubai Festival Shopping Zone and is involved in promoting and advertisement of local and foreign goods. As a signatory to the Americas (PCA) Program, Gitex has been promoting and organizing events related to this Programme since 1987. The Program’s goals are to enhance trade and economic growth by developing innovative and international exchange, building a more robust and closer relationship between South and North America, promoting cross-cultural communication, and promoting international cooperation. Participating companies exhibit in the showrooms of both the Dubai Festival Shopping Zone and the Dubai Gitex fairs.

There are more than twenty participating companies from across the world. The Dubai exhibiting companies represent various sectors, including electronics and electrical goods, mechanical goods, chemical goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and transport equipment. The shows allow buyers and suppliers to come together to explore opportunities, share information and experiences, and make business transactions. Companies that exhibit at the Dubai fairs benefit from exposure to the most extensive collection of global and regional exporters and distributors.

The Dubai Gitex fairs are held throughout the year, but the most popular months for both exhibitors and buyers are May and June. The companies also exhibit at the World Trade Center, which features an international exhibition center, Madinat Jumeirah International Trade Centre, and the Dubai Creek Campus.

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