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VIV MEA 2021 Dhabi UAE

International Trade Show From Feed To Food
Date:23 – 25 November 2021
Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

The global occasion VIV MEA that has been proposed at Abu Dhabi to get August 3-1 –two September 20 20 will be postponed to 2 3 –25 November 2021. Meanwhile, most industry pros have been encouraged to associate to all the VIV global systems on VIV on the web 24/7,” WWW.VIV.NET. The secretary appears ahead to watching you in VIV MEA 2021. Back in November 2021the 3rd variant of VIV MEA will need position in Abu Dhabi,” U.A.E.and again in the ADNEC amenities. That substantially awaited function will lastly give the chance to join the Middle East and Africa markets with all the very best providers from your Earth, from Grant to foodstuff. Postponing the case to November 2021 would be your very responsible choice to choose. The postponement permits the planner to send — with parties concerned — that the assignment to both platforms sturdy, higher value-adding occasions for along with all the business. COVID-19 is interrupting the business enterprise across the globe more than called. While there’s doubt in regards to the reactivation of how all global traveling, there’s also worry with the typical wellness.

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