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SMAP Expo 2020 Dhabi UAE

The Moroccan Real Estate and Lifestyle Show in Dubaï
Date:30 November – 02 December 2020
Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

Undisputed pioneer of occasions engineering from Morocco, SMAP Team has slowly direct its advancement setting its experience Close to two sticks of proficiency that signify two quickly developing areas satisfying with a Significant requirement:

The SMAP team has generated”SMAP EXPO” and also”SMAP IMMO”. The two fundamental, advanced and linking Concept S for significant parties and instant success Was seen by exhibitors, media and visitors individuals equally: — SMAP EXPO,” flagship celebration assisting bring with the Moroccan diaspora along with their pals as 1997 at Paris by embracing the abundant number of key industries of this Kingdom (market, realestate, tourism, and civilization and art of alive…).


For at least three decades, the SMAP team was a privileged connection for encounters beyond the Kingdom, aiming to add to the Moroccan’s sway and enlargement from France as well as in Europe. By coordinating events amassing tens of thousands and tens of thousands of folks, SMAP team equates into the evolution of contemporary exchanges between Morocco and the European Union, farther strengthened by Morocco’s spouses, and notably from the 5.2-million Moroccan diaspora local neighborhood, as well as this aid by social press and also the media. — cultural, economical and Industrial Conferences; Annually later, SMAP team’s victory is situated on the consistent devotion towards caliber, either to the degree of style and layout and implementation alongside its own community of spouses at both institutional, public and private industries, SMAP team has characterized its own long-term priorities round the general public info and relaxation, inviting the exhibitors, and also the efficacy of these connections with all social press. Hence, over earlier, its principal aim stays the invention of unique functions in esteemed regions. — Marketing the real-estate business.

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