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Sign & Graphic Imaging 2021 Dubai UAE

The Largest International Expo for Printing, Graphic
Date:18 – 20 January 2021
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Worldwide Expo Consults welcomes one to SGI Du Bai — the Most Significant exhibition for signage, Electronic Signage, Retail Signage Remedies, External press, Display Screen and Electronic printing business in the MENA area. Even the 2-3 rd version of this series is going to soon probably be held on 18 – 20 January 2021 in the Dubai World Trade Centre. SGI Du Bai is your most-anticipated occasion of this season at the MENA location for exhibitors and traffic from the Signage and Graphic Imaging businesses. Worldwide Expo Consults welcomes one to SGI DuBai

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