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Private Label and Licensing 2021 Dubai UAE

Private Label and Licensing Expo
Date:07 – 09 November 2021
Venue:Dubai World Trade Center

Private-label & Licensing middleeast intends to combine private-label suppliers, version title licensors and agreement companies with all the F&B and retail marketplace in the MENA area. Geared towards launch receptive doors in November the next yr at the Dubai World Trade Centre, private Label & Accreditation middle east — Mena’s 1 st and sole exclusive Label and Accreditation occasion will serve an unparalleled platform, servicing firm chances, new new merchandise creation and someplace else to build purposeful collaborations. Find products which can be fresh, create new links and also find fresh notions which may raise your company development! A private display for foods and non-food firms contrasted with Private-label, Licensing & Contract-manufacturing.

Private Label & Licensing Middleeast is a new product by Gulfood, will happen alongside:

  • Gulfood Manufacturing
  • yummex Middle East
  • Seafex Middle East.
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